My Mother’s Daughter

Growing up, I always knew my mom was in deep thought when she’d aimlessly sweep the floor, repeatedly moving the broom back and forth over the same spot for what seemed like an eternity. Well last night, while talking to her on the phone, I found myself doing the exact same thing. I had called my mom to discuss my current finances and future career options. I didn’t realize it, but I picked up the Swiffer and started gliding it across my bedroom floor. When I realized what I was doing, I said, “Oh my goodness, what is happening to me. I’m sweeping like you.” We both laughed.

Without a doubt, I am my mother’s daughter. So much of her is reflected in me. The older I get it seems the more I notice the many similarities in our personalities and physical appearance. I think I inherited the best parts of her.

Aside from being a great caretaker and provider, my mom has been the best teacher I’ve ever had. She has taught me so much, often delivering her messages in a subtle, unassuming way instead of being preachy and overbearing. She’s given me the space to live my life as I see fit, rarely giving her opinion on the decisions and choices I make.

I am so thankful for my mom. I’m especially thankful for the time I spend with her as an adult. I’ve learned a lot about her…her life, her dreams, her disappointments. I’ve come to appreciate her not just as my mother, but a friend.

When the time comes, I have no doubt that I’ll be a good mother because my mom set a really great example. I truly believe she’s the best mom in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy. I miss you. I love you.

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About Christa

I am a St. Louis, Missouri native who spent two years living and working in Haiti. I traveled to Haiti for the first time on 2 March 2010 to help with earthquake relief efforts. I instantly fell in love with the country and its people. I spent nearly a year volunteering in Leogane, the epicenter of the earthquake, and another year in Port-au-Prince working for one of the largest international development organizations in the world. Now, I'm back in the United States but continue to remain connected to Haiti. I hope that by sharing my stories and experiences, I can help you understand the complexities of international aid and development, as well as show you a side of Haiti you may not see on television.

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