The Se Lavi Ayiti blog was started at the end of September 2010 by Christa Pettis and Jessica Rofé. In Summer 2010, they along with three other internationals, traveled to Léogâne, Haïti to work for a Caribbean-based organization purportedly dedicated to the rehabilitation of both the governance and education sectors.

Unfortunately, after just over a month of working with this “organization,” they discovered that it was illegitimate–merely a front for a con artist attempting to capitalize on the influx of donor money that followed the tragic events of January 12, 2010.

This con artist victimized both local and international staff, having borrowed money from all staff members and left many of them unpaid for months in order to run his operation. Additionally, he borrowed money from other NGOs and UN personnel. In total, he stole approximately 75,000 USD (this figure does not include money expropriated from individuals abroad).

Se Lavi Ayiti chronicles Christa’s and Jessica’s efforts to move beyond this unfortunate incident, and continue their journey through life in Haiti.