For general information, please feel free to contact Christa or Jessica at:


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Christa and Jessica,

    Wow! I love this! Just caught on to it and am reading older posts. I have to confess I came home after this last trip a little disillusioned. A bit overcome by many things…the dishonesty of the school directors I worked with for the openings, the lack of appreciation at the last distribution (Jess…you were there) and by some folks when handing out the tickets for said distribution, the theft of my money at the school opening and the theft of some other supplies (by one of our local volunteers!) at the other school opening. Too much. Pissed me off! But I’m reading your blog and it is restoring faith. Of course, I know that most people are good and that it was an odd twist of fate that dumped a series of incidents on me in a short amount of time. Thanks for the lift! I look forward to following your blog. You gals are amazing and your work is so important!

    May our paths meet again!

  2. There are not that many blogs I’ve given that much time and attention. SelaviAyiti represents what blogging’s all about: communicating an experience and getting your readership asking for more. Bravo les filles, surtout pour la régularité.

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